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Tiro a Segno Fellowship in Italian-American Culture

The next round of applications for the Tiro a Segno Visiting Fellowship in Italian Studies will be accepted in Fall 2013, for positions to be held in Fall 2014 and Fall 2016.

In 2000 the Department of Italian Studies received a $500,000 gift from Tiro a Segno Foundation to establish a Visiting Faculty Fellowship in Italian-American Culture. The Tiro a Segno position is intended to be multidisciplinary in its scope. The fellows are selected from a broad array of disciplines and collaborate with various NYU departments and scholars. The responsibilities of the Tiro a Segno visiting faculty fellows include teaching both graduate and undergraduate courses on the experience and contributions of Italian immigrants and Italian-Americans to American culture and society. The content of the courses ranges from sociology of immigration to anthropology of ethnic identity, to Italian-American achievements in literature and in the visual and performing arts. In addition, the visiting fellows present public lectures in cooperation with NYU's Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò.

The Tiro a Segno Foundation Visiting Faculty Fellowship in Italian-American Culture was officially announced at Tiro a Segno's 112th Anniversary Banquet and Ball, held on November 3rd, 2000. Vito Vincenti, chairman of the Foundation, said: "One of the wonderful advantages of this Fellowship is that, unlike the conventional endowment of a university chair in a particular course of study to which a specific professor is named until his or her death or retirement, this Fellowship will vary both in the subject matter taught in alternate years as well as in the professor who will guide the teaching and study." Accepting the gift, professor Francesco Erspamer, then chair of the Department of Italian Studies at NYU, said: "The Italian-American experience is an essential component of both Italian and American history and culture, and should be an integral part of any program in Italian Studies. It is most important that an institution such as NYU, which is strongly connected to the Italian-American community of New York through its location and tradition, takes the lead in this new and promising field of study. Italian-American history, literature, cinema, art, thinking, and values represent an incredibly rich asset. We are extremely grateful to Tiro a Segno Foundation, not only because of their donation but for their dedication in the promotion of culture."

Tiro a Segno was established in New York City on August 14, 1888. Among its founders was Giuseppe Garibaldi. Since 1924, Tiro a Segno has been located at 77 MacDougal Street. Consisting of some 400 members, the organization is dedicated to the preservation of Italian heritage and culture in the United States. During the year, Tiro a Segno offers a regular schedule of social, cultural and sporting events.